The Department of Social Development contributes approximately 53 % of the daily running costs of Vuyani Safe Haven. We are extremely grateful to all our regular donors for assisting us with the shortfall on running costs.

However, with the incredibly sharp rise in the cost of living we are looking for financial support in the form of a monthly or once off commitment towards all items on our Needs List not funded or not adequately funded, namely:

  • Salaries not covered by the Department of Social Development.
  • The costs of bookkeeping and auditing
  • Maintenance costs on vehicles
  • Projects to enhance our two homes: Solar Panels and an inverter with batteries to overcome the effect of load-shedding at both homes.
  • 87 Cradock Street house:
    • Very sturdy Lounge suite for our younger children and staff
    • Make-over for rooms – new curtains and painting of walls, etc.
  • 48 Bourke Street house – the home of our older children, but also where Vuyani’s Learning Centre relocated to.  The upgrading of our play area:
    • A Jungle Gym and play area
    • Pathways and raised vegetable gardens
  • Clothing twice a year for all our children
  • Trainers/Sneakers for all our children twice a year
  • Fleece tops and T-shirts for our Staff and children with Vuyani’s Logo
  • Weed eater and/or lawn mower
  • Vacuum Cleaner

To donate towards these needs, click here

Building Projects

  • Building Infrastructure at 87 Cradock Street

Please continue to our Vuyani Brick Project for more details