Initiating Progress:

In 2020, the Vuyani Buy-a-Brick Campaign was launched to raise funds for essential renovations and expansions to our Cradock Street house. Despite facing numerous obstacles, including the initial setback of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve made significant strides towards realising this project.

Overcoming Challenges:

  • Securing ownership of the Cradock Street property
  • Completing crucial training for Vuyani’s Child and Youth Care Workers before building commences
  • Obtaining approval for building plans from the Municipality
  • Accurately costing the project
  • Establishing a dedicated building committee

Funding Update:

Upon receiving approval for our building plans from the municipality, the Board engaged a Quantity Surveyor and other experts to assess and cost the project. The final estimated cost for the project is R4,133,000.

Moving Forward:

The Vuyani Board has approved the release of funds to kickstart the first phase of our building project. We are eagerly awaiting tenders from builders to commence construction.

Acknowledgement of Support:

This significant progress is made possible by the steadfast support of our donors to the Buy-a-Brick campaign over the last four years, Thank You!

Continued Support Needed:

While the one million Rand from the Vuyani Trust covers about 25% of the total cost, additional funding is needed to complete the project. Your ongoing support demonstrates a continued commitment to helping us make this vision a reality and improve the lives of our children.


New Flooring and Ceilings for the Communal Hall Area

  1. Removal of existing timber flooring in Communal Area & replacing with a concrete floor. (with new screed and ceramic floor tiles, skirtings, etc,).
  2. Removal of existing offices and replacing with new partitioning.
  3. Replacing existing damaged ceilings with new ceilings and paint.
  4. Re-painting internal walls.
  5. Servicing & re-painting existing doors.
  6. Electrical Installation.

PHASE 2 and 3

After the first phase has been completed the board will decide on the way forward with the remaining renovation and building plans:

Intermediate Phase:

The Cradock Street house needs urgent adjustments to comply with Health and Safety standards. This involves relocating the kitchen, laundry, and scullery to the back of the premises in a new building adjoining the old building which will open up space for a more adequate bathroom facility. The storeroom will be moved to a new loft area to make space for an extra bedroom.

Last Phase: Upgrading the office space to provide a more spacious area for accommodating visitors when privacy is needed.

The board recognizes the importance of sustainability and long-term planning. The renovations are not just a short-term fix but an investment in the future of Vuyani. We want to ensure that the facilities remain suitable and welcoming for many years to come.

By improving our facilities, we aim to enhance a space where our children feel secure, cared for, and motivated to learn and play.

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EFT banking with reference Build & your name: 


You can start your own campaign to raise funds for Vuyani’s building project, through the Given Gain Platform:  Vuyani Safe Haven (

Like Peter Kroon did in 2022:

Peter Kroon hails from Graaff-Reinet. He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and afterwards cycled from Kilimanjaro to Cape Town under his Instagram handle: The Pedalling Pig.
On the way back, he decided to raise funds for Vuyani Safe Haven through the GivenGain platform which makes donating so easy. 
He reached 256% of his goal by raising £2,560!
We are grateful to Peter, for this amazing initiative and to all friends and family of Peter who supported Peter by donating. 

Read more about Peter’s journey, here:


However, you don’t have to climb Kilimanjaro or cycle to Cape Town. Any campaign can be used, just get your family and friends motivated through Instagram or Facebook.

Contact Riana van der Ahee for more information