Through their Friends of Samara Trust Fund and the Samara Volunteer project, the owner of SAMARA PRIVATE GAME RESERVE, Sarah Tompkins, and other family and friends, have greatly supported Vuyani Safe Haven over the past 6 years.

Sarah Tompkins and family

Friends of Isabelle Tompkins (21st Birthday Party)

Friends of Sienna Tompkins (21st Birthday Party)

De Royere family

The following people donated to Vuyani during the last two years through the efforts of Sarah and Isabelle Tompkins:


Robin Roberts

The Pearson family

Di Thompson

Albee Yeend

Rich McFarland

Ellie Spicer

Matthieu Duncan

Owen Williams

Nicolas Kernick

Ryan Bash

Zoe van der Schueren

Steph Lam

Peter Beningfield

Basil and Jane Landau

Sue Crear

Jack and Jilly Gerber

Fernandes family

Michelle & Numa Missaggia

Claire and Matt Sheldon

Simon & Jane Towler

Sea star foundation – Nicholas Bloom