Vuyani Safe Haven is a registered Child and Youth Care Centre that renders holistic childcare services


Vuyani is for our babies, toddlers and children up to 12 years.

Thanduxolo House is for our teenagers from 13 – 18 years


We have a balanced menu, prepared by a dietician to aid us in preparing healthy meals. We are very grateful to be part of the Add Hope program of KFC. Their annual support assists us greatly in being able to supplement the subsidy we receive from DSD for food, especially with the recent high inflation rate. We also receive regular donations of food from local individuals, farmers, businesses and hunting outfitters during the wintertime.


Adequate toiletries supplied for the different age groups and specifically for teenage girls during their menstrual cycle.

Access to adequate health care and specialised services, through:

  • Regular visits by the Mobile Clinic to keep vaccinations current and attend to other health matters
  • Access to local clinics and hospital for chronic medication
  • Annual dental check-ups
  • Eye tests and referrals to Eye Specialist when necessary
  • Check-ups at the dietician to monitor weight gain and provide supplements for stunted growth
  • Referrals to specialists, e.g. an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist

Since the beginning of 2022 dentists@health practice very generously do an annual assessment of all our children and follow-up dental care free of charge, even for dentistry under sedation.

Our children under 12 years’ eyes are tested for free at a local optometrist.


Developmental Program

We have a strong emphasis on education. All the children go to schools and ECD’s in the community. Vuyani’s vision is to make a lasting difference in the children’s lives by assisting them, with the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team, to reach their developmental potential.

  • A homework program for all grades every afternoon with remedial assistance
  • Extra numeracy and literacy daily
  • Extra maths tutoring from Grade 6
  • Scholastic assessments
  • Integrated Learning Therapy
  • Computer skills
  • Occupational therapy for children with developmental lags
  • Speech therapy
Izienne van Jaarsveld, Speech Therapist in private practice
Hildegarde Brummer (manager) with Marelize Venter, occupational therapist in private practice supporting
Vuyani’s children with severe developmental lags

Recreational Program

We encourage and assist our children to take part in

  • Sport and cultural programs both at school and in the community
  • The local Parkrun

Spiritual Program

Vuyani’s children loves going to church, Sunday School, youth meetings and camps which encourage their spiritual growth. Different churches and ministries deposit good solid foundations to the lives of our children.

Church camps, holiday club and visitors – all bringing spiritual encouragement.

Independent Living Program

Nosipho came to Vuyani in 2010 as a 10-year old. After finishing her matric, she was assisted by Vuyani’s manager, to complete her studies at the SA College of Tourism, enrol at the Drostdy Hotel for a learnership and she is now working at Samara Private Game Reserve as a chef.

  • Opening of a bank account
  • A Learners/Driver’s License
  • Career Planning and guidance
  • Job shadowing
  • CV writing
  • Financial management skills
  • Computer skills
  • Managing a household
  • Mentoring
  • Access to an Equip for Life Programme
Deon, turned 19 without obtaining his matric certificate. This year, with the assistance of Vuyani’s team he was enrolled at the Midland TVET College and also with a church Equip for Life Program.

Therapeutic Program

Children who went through neglect, abuse and trauma, need a range of therapeutic interventions. Our social worker works therapeutically in the life space of the child and assists them with

  • Individual support
  • A wide range of group work e.g. Educational, Life Skills, Prevention & Therapeutic
  • Behaviour modification
Vuyani’s social worker receiving her 5-year long-service award

Based on the child’s needs, we also facilitate:

  • Play therapy at a social worker in private practice
  • Psychological assessments and psychotherapy with a local psychologist in private practice
  • Psychiatric assessments when medication is prescribed

Reunification Program

Vuyani supports the reunification of children to their biological or extended family when possible and when in the best interest of the child.

We facilitate

  • Phone calls and visits during vising hours.
  • Holiday placements with the assistance of the external social worker to keep the connection with significant others.
  • Family Case Conferences.

If this is not in the best interest of the child, Vuyani assists in placing children in foster care after a thorough screening process and transition period. The child’s sense of belonging is of utmost importance.


Some of our leaners have learning barriers because of severe neglect and struggle to make progress with numeracy and literacy in the mainstream schools. Vuyani’s aim is for each child to obtain at least basic numeracy and literacy skills.

Vuyani Safe Haven opened a Learning Centre in April 2018 to assist these children with individual remedial attention to overcome these developmental lags. We are fortunate to utilise the assistance of dedicated professionals both of the Dept of Health and in private practice.

Some of our board members with the remedial teacher and her assistant.

The Vuyani Learning Centre has been equipped with a curriculum and all the books, revised and adapted according to the Department of Education Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement from Grade R-4.
The aim is to place these children back into the mainstream schools as soon as they have caught up with their peers. Since 2018 eleven children were placed back in mainstream schools. Some of our children are special needs learners. They stay at the Learning Centre until they can attend Boundless, the Protective

This little girl received a certificate at Vuyani Learning Centre’s prize-giving for the best learner of 2021 and for helpfulness. When she was placed at Vuyani she had huge backlogs in reading. She received speech therapy and with the loving attention of our 2 remedial teachers, she was ready to return to mainstream schooling in 2022 and she could be placed in foster care

We commend the following stakeholders:

  • The Rupert Education Trust for financial support,
  • Ebben Hufkie, acting as mentor and liaison with the schools
  • The Department of Education for their support
  • Fiona Hobson for her Remedial Reading material
  • Brigitte Burkhart and Kirsten Schön from the Swiss Pre-school, Kindergarten Weierhof in the town of Wil, raising funds which assisted us to move the Learning Centre to the new premises at our Thanduxolo House.
Brigitte Burkhart and Kirsten Schön volunteered at Vuyani Learning Centre in 2022 and still support us.