Back: Ethne Hufkie, Elaine Stanley, Paul Merifield, Hildegarde Brummer (Ex-Officio, Manager), Peter Whitlock, Harold and Catherine Steven-Jennings.
Front: Ampie Jordaan, Riana v.d. Ahee (Ex-Officio, PR & Marketing)

Vuyani Safe Haven’s board is composed of people with different skills and attributes, which ensures that the appropriate expertise is available to administer the funds and run the Child and Youth Care Centre effectively. All board members are volunteers who serve Vuyani without receiving any remuneration for their board functions.

All board members have been serving in different portfolios for more than 5 years to bring a continuity and understanding of the intricacies involved in the management of a children’s home.

Elaine Stanley is the current Chairperson and she oversees the functioning of the board. Elaine has a National Higher Diploma in Accounting and together with her husband, Arland, they have built up Stanley Accounting Services. Recently Elaine completed a Certificate in Life-coaching and loves to inspire and motivate groups of people or individuals to make the most of their lives.
Ampie Jordaan is the vice-chair and with his background as qualified chartered accountant asks the right questions. He is financial director at Montego Pet Nutrition.
Paul Merifield is the Treasurer and he very competently takes care of Vuyani’s financial responsibilities. Paul is a farmer and businessman with a National Higher Diploma in Accounting & Company Administration.
Ethne Hufkie – Secretary of the Board and the Board member responsible to facilitate the Youth Forum at Vuyani. Ethne has a Higher Diploma in Senior Primary Education and was a teacher at Spandau High School before her retirement. Ethne is a District Commissioner of Girl Guides and leads a Guiding Unit at Spandau High. Ethne and her husband Ebben have assisted with.
Peter Whitlock has a Bachelor of Building Art (B. Bldg.A) (1985) and Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) (1987) and assists Vuyani with all matters pertaining to construction and infrastructure and drafted building plans for the expansion of our facilities. Peter is also on the museum board and heritage society of Graaff-Reinet.
Harold (member) and Catherine (honorary member) Steven-Jennings are farmers in the Graaff-Reinet district and bring with them years of experience with staff and farming. They are the stalwarts on the board who carried Vuyani through difficult times by their willingness to share their knowledge and wisdom in support of the management.
Lena Adams (September 2000 – 31 July 2021) Lena will always be remembered with great fondness as one of the founding Mothers of Vuyani Safe Haven. She served since 2000 as a housemother and after retiring in 2015 she was called onto the Board of Vuyani, who depended on her wisdom for many difficult decisions regarding the staff or children.

Hildegarde Brummer, manager of Vuyani, and Riana van der Ahee, PR & Marketing officer of Vuyani, are the two ex-officio board members. They attend board meetings or executive meetings to report back on their portfolios and the management of staff, children and fundraising activities. Vuyani Staff