Vuyani Safe Haven2000
• Vuyani Safe Haven receives their first intake of Children
• Vuyani moves to 87 Cradock Street
• Boys Home opens at the Station master’s house in Reinetpark
Photo: Lena Adams and Moira Strauss (2000 – 2010)
• Appointment of a fulltime Manager
• Implementation of the New Children’s’ Act
• Volunteer Program initiated by Samara Private Game Reserve
• NPO certificate received
• Graaff-Reinet Area office of Social Development wants Vuyani to move towards a Child and Youth Care Centre as indicated by the new Children’s Act
• Business Plan approved by the Department of Social Development and Vuyani to receive a subsidy per child for 20 children from 2012
• 3-Year funding through the Rupert Educational Trust for key staff
• Appointment of Fulltime Social Worker brings professionalism in dealing with the statutory requirements of the children’s act
• Stanley Accounting places Vuyani’s finances in good order through strict financial Policies.
• More Sleep-in caregivers are employed to improve services to our children
• Vuyani Board received training in NPO management and reviewed the Vision, Mission and Constitution.
• Transformation of the Board as well as Staff has become a Priority.
• Registration of Vuyani as a Child and Youth Centre
• Necessary HR Policies and other required policies put in place
• The board creates the PR & Marketing post to work towards financial stability through regular donations, applications for funding and other fundraising efforts
• A growing increase in monthly donations lead to more sustainability
• LOTTO application for funding approved. More support from local businesses and the community
• The Rupert Education Trust funds the requirement for remedial teaching at Vuyani with a 3-year award
• The Vuyani Learning Centre opens its doors to assist children not coping with literacy and numeracy in the mainstream schools
• The social worker of 5 years, Hildegarde Brummer, accepts the post of full-time manager and a social worker is appointed in her place.