Vuyani’s Management team consists of a manager, social worker, PR & marketing officer and two remedial teachers at the learning centre. Under the leadership of the dedicated Board of Vuyani they can take the children’s home to the next level for the 30 – 36 children currently in care. However, they cannot begin to fulfil this responsibility without the wonderful work of the caregivers, cleaners and driver.

Manager: Hildegarde Brummer

Vuyani is fortunate to have the expertise of a senior Social Worker as manager. Hildegarde has 20 years’ experience in the field and the past 6 years as social worker at Vuyani. She obtained a Post Graduate qualification in Addiction cum Laude at the Stellenbosch University at the end of 2017.






Social Worker: Chandrè Rhoode

Chandrè is a social work graduate from NMMU and was appointed recently. She worked at Child Welfare and CMR (Worcester) and now returned to her home town. She is mostly responsible for the statutory requirements.







PR & Marketing: Riana v.d. Ahee

Riana’s role is fundraising and applications for funding, liaison with funders, articles in the Advertiser and newsletters. Riana also handles the overseas volunteer groups visiting Vuyani and some of the programs with the Vuyani children.






Remedial teachers:

Bettie Swartz and Hettie Pienaar started Vuyani’s Learning Centre in April 2018. Bettie has been involved with Vuyani’s Aftercare in the afternoons assisting children with their homework and assignments for the last 3 years. She and Hettie worked together for many years in other schools in the community and is a very good team to teach our children the basics of numeracy and literacy.




Driver, maintenance and gardens:

Wilson Krismis is the only male on staff and has a big role as father figure, especially for the boys in our care. He tends our vegetable garden and daily takes all the children to their different schools.







Child caregivers:

We have 8 sleep-in staff with the specific role of being a mother to our children while on shift and assisting the Cook/Cleaner with her enormous task. Many a time we have received babies from 2 weeks old. They never blink an eye, but just take this new baby in their loving care. Without these dedicated women we won’t be able to take care of our 30 – 34 children.