Vuyani urgently needs to carry out maintenance and expansion projects on its premises and buildings. This can only be done with the support of the public . . .

The Department of Social Development contributes approximately 85% of the daily running costs of Vuyani Safe Haven. This doesn’t include infrastructure repairs or improvements; which costs need to be raised by way of support and donations from the public.
We are looking for financial support in the form of a monthly or once off commitment towards projects not funded, namely:

  • A monthly allowance for our student at the SA College of Tourism
  • A monthly rental for the property where our children will be housed during expansions to our current property.
  • Training requirements of our staff towards a certificate in Child and Youth Care Work
  • Salaries not covered by the Department of Social Development
  • Building Infrastructure:

Vuyani urgently needs to upgrade our facilities, e.g. the kitchen adjoins the bathroom which is not permissible according to hygienic standards. We need a bigger laundry and kitchen and a separate room as sick bay.

Estimated cost of Building Project:

  • First Phase: Kitchen, scullery, laundry and ablution – R360,000
  • Second Phase: Loft rooms for older children – R84,000
  • Third Phase: Bathroom and changing room – R30,000
  • Fourth Phase: Inside floor and therapy rooms – R90,000
  • Fifth Phase: Sick bay and offices – R240,000

TOTAL: R 844,000.00


Building Plans