The Department of Social Development contributes approximately 40% of the running costs of Vuyani Safe Haven, leaving the remainder of funding requirements, particularly salaries and infrastructure repairs or improvements, to be raised by way of support and donations from the public.
With this in mind, Vuyani Safe Haven therefor appeals to you to consider assisting with financial support in the form of a monthly or once off commitment towards the following projects:



  1. Programs:
    Violin lessons – two of Vuyani’s boys take part in a violin program, but we need 5 violins to enroll more of our children into the program.
    Volunteers or financial support for:
    • Sport, e.g. swimming & tennis lessons
    • Culture, music, drama and art lessons
    2. Weekend and holiday outings:
    • Weekend and holiday sponsors
    • Sponsored outings for our children.
    3. Therapeutic assistance:
    • Psychological assessments & treatment (trauma and career counselling, etc.)
    • Physiological assessments & treatment (testing of hearing and eyesight, etc.


  1. Salaries:
    Monthly shortfall of R58,866 per month on salaries not paid or not fully paid by the Department of Social Development, which must be raised by means of donations and sponsorships.
  2. Staff Uniforms: R 10,000


  • Vacuum Cleaner R 4,099
  • Built-In Cupboards for 4 rooms R 33,631.80
  • Bedding for 36 beds – children & sleep-in caregivers R 20,800.00
  • Surveillance cameras inside & outside R13,000.00
  • Polisher 12,000.00
  • Washing machine 17,000.00
  • Small delivery bakkie R150,000.00



Vuyani urgently needs to upgrade our facilities, e.g. the kitchen adjoins the bathroom which is not permissible according to hygienic standards. We need a bigger laundry and kitchen and a separate room as sick-bay.
Estimated cost:
Building Project:

  1. Kitchen and Scullery and Laundry at back 360,000.00
    II. Teenager’s Loft on top story & Teenage Recreation Outside Area at side of building 84,000.00
    III. Bathroom and baby’s changing room 30,000.00
    IV. Offices and sick bay 240,000.00
    V. Floor and therapy rooms 90,000.00
    TOTAL: R 844,000.00


Building Plans