Vision:  Safe Haven for Children in Need of Care

Mission:   To provide holistic child care services at Vuyani Safe Haven during the intervention period to children in need of care, in a safe and homely atmosphere, in order to facilitate successful re-unification or placement in foster or alternative care while continuously enabling them to take responsibility for their lives and future according to their level of development.


  1. Residential Care:

Vuyani Safe Haven serves as a Place of Safety for children during an intervention period after they have been removed from biological parents, because of severe neglect or abuse.  It is a priority for the Board of Vuyani that our staff create a homely, stable and loving atmosphere in our two houses while keeping a high standard of hygiene and health and that all children receive 3 nutritious meals per day.

  1. Reunification services or placement in foster or alternative care:

The designated social workers of child protection organisations or DSD, who place children at Vuyani, together with Vuyani’s Social worker and professionals from other disciplines when needed, aim to use this intervention period (usually from 3 – 6 months) to assess the child and the circumstances at home, to be able to make the decision, taking the best interest of the child in account, if the child can be reunified with the biological parents or need to be placed in foster care or in alternative care.

  1. Protect children’s rights to care, development and protection:

Holistic developmental and therapeutic programs are used by the staff at Vuyani, professionals doing community service at Vuyani and volunteers under the supervision of Vuyani’s social worker to support our children with trauma and developmental challenges.

  1. Assist children to modify negative behavior:

Through the use of recreational programs and a positive discipline program by our own staff and overseen by professionals, we aim to support our children to modify any negative behavior.

  1. Effective Management and Administrative services and programs:

This is a high priority of the Board and policies and systems are put in place on an ongoing basis to be effective in management, administration and all of the above programs at Vuyani.

Achievements of Vuyani Safe Haven:

  1. Since its inception in 2000 Vuyani Safe Haven has provided care and protection to more than 500 children of the Camdeboo municipality and the Ikwhezi and Blue Crane Route municipalities.

Since 2011 Vuyani created 8 new full time jobs, 2 part time jobs and 1 contract work job, to render better services to children placed in our care. From a small organization with 4 child caregivers and a manager, Vuyani grew to a fully-fledged organisation with junior and middle management and a senior Social Worker rendering professional services.

  1. From June 2012, when the 1st social worker at Vuyani was appointed, reunification services are rendered on a regular basis and children are placed into foster care and other alternative care much more speedily and effectively. This opens up space at Vuyani for emergency placements of children and placement of children on our waiting list.
  2. More holistic and effective services are rendered to the children in our care compared to only the previous residential care program with liaison between our social worker and professionals of the DOH and other volunteers to implement developmental and therapeutic programs at Vuyani.
  3. Our staff was trained to facilitate recreational programs and the positive discipline program and with the support of our social worker and other volunteers our children are now assisted to modify negative behavior.
  4. Our finances are managed in a trustworthy and responsible manner by an Accounting firm and for the last two years our books are audited by an external auditor. We have financial policies in place which ensure that account can be given of all donations and expenditures.
  5. Vuyani Safe Haven has a dedicated Board of Management whose members have various professional qualifications to lead Vuyani Safe Haven to be a beacon for childcare in the Camdeboo district.