newspaper1 smoira-300x270VUYANI Timeline


Vuyani Safe Haven receives their first intake of Children


Vuyani moves to 87 Cradock Street

2007newspaper s 

Boys Home opens at the Station


Appointment of a fulltime Manager

Implementation of the New Children’s’ Act
Volunteer Program initiated through Samara Private Game Reserve


NPO certificate received

Child and Youth Care Centre indicated by the Camdeboo District

Business Plan  approved by Department of Social Development


Year funding through the Rupert Educational Trust

Appointment of Fulltime Social Worker

Stanley Accounting places Vuyani Finances in good order through

strict financial Policies.

More Personnel are employed to improve services to our children and

to adhere to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act

Transformation of the Board as well as Personal has become a Priority.


Vuyani Board has received training and reviewed the Vision

Mission and Constitution.

Middle Management has been upgraded, with the appointment of a

Supervisor, Administration Officer and a Driver to support Management

The large Donation from Wiphold, has led to greater security and




Registration of Vuyani as a Child and Youth Centre